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6 Steps That Will Guarantee an Excellent Academic Research


  1. Finding a research topic

The first step in conducting a successful academic research is choosing a topic that will be the basis of the research. In an assignment a particular research topic could be assigned to the students by a professor or the instructor or the students could be provided with a specific area to focus the research on. When given a particular field to choose a research topic from, one should select a topic that is of relevance to one personally since this ensures that one remains interested during the research period. When choosing a research topic narrowing the research topic is of great academic research. It’s because a subject will be tough to research if it is too broad and too narrow as well.

  1. Preliminary research.

After selecting the research topic, the next step is determining what kind of sources required for the paper. The type of paper you’re writing determine the kind of sources required. The sources could either be primary sources which include previous research studies, diaries, autobiographies, letters, photographs and audio-visual materials. Secondary sources, on the other hand, include textbooks, magazines, academic journals and articles. These sources provide essential information on various items and are of excellent academic research help.

  1. Narrow research focus.

When writing a research paper, the challenge faced by many students is determining exactly how to narrow down the topic and conducting the research concentrated on the narrowed research topic. Even if a particular subject is issued, normally one will still have to narrow it down to some extent. Some strategies help in conducting closed research. Components of the research topic are one of the strategies that can be used to in carrying out a narrowed research, breaking the initial question into parts that can be analyzed individually and precisely. The relationship between two or more different perspectives or variables is another strategy that can be used in narrow research focus like the cause and effect of global warming.

  1. Evaluating your sources.

Nowadays anyone can put anything on the Internet; it is necessary first to evaluate the material before using it for academic purposes for information obtained from the web. One should determine where the source was published, who wrote it, is the piece timely and appropriate for the research conducted, who it was intended for whether a scholarly audience or not. For peer-reviewed academic journals, the ones evaluated by other experts in the field or a university press publication, professional society, or scientific publisher. These texts will have scholarly credibility. Determining all this is of great in academic research as is will enable one to determine the reliability of the information from the sources used.

  1. Source using and citation.

After evaluating the credibility of information gathered from the different sources, these sources information can now be utilized in the assignment. Note taking from the various sources can be helpful in academic research as in some cases the sources can be quite a lot in number. By taking notes, one can keep track of information gathered from the different sources. The final work should be organized and reflect well on the research topic.

The information and ideas obtained from the sources should be cited. Quoting words and ideas from sources show that a thorough review of the literature on the topic was conducted and, therefore, you are operating from an informed perspective. This increases your credibility as the author of the work. The citation form depends on the format instructed by the professor, but the general methods include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian.

  1. Proofreading the paper.

Proofreading involves searching for errors in the research paper before handing in the article. The errors could be of grammatical nature or typographical errors, but it also includes identifying problems with the narrative flow of your paper like the logical sequence of thoughts and ideas, concise writing problems, and finding any word processing errors in the research paper.

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