How to write a perfect short deadline essay

Essay writing is one of the most common assignments in high school, graduate level and college. It can take much time to master some skills that enable you write a good essay that is worth good grades. However, at EssayPaperDom we have simplified the skills and we are going to teach you everything that you need to know in order to perfect your essay.

What is an essay?

It is simply a piece of writing about a particular subject. This means, there is a variety of topics one can be assigned or choose to write about. Moreover, different styles of essays are written for different purposes. Example: persuasive or argumentative essay, intends to prove that one side of the essay either the positive or the negative is better than the other one. Therefore the essay has to include opinions that will support the argument. In a creative essay the writer has the freedom to express any ideas that they think are appealing and creative to the reader. The informative essay tends to bring up useful and new information without showing concern for any specific opinion.  You just have to use facts to inform the reader about a certain topic.

Examples of common essays.

  • Analytical essay: it requires full analysis of a given topic or idea.
  • Cause and effect essay: it is an essay whereby you present a situation then you follow it up with an analysis of the results.
  • Descriptive essay: it is a type of essay that provides a full overview of a given topic.
  • Compare and contrast essay: it requires the writer to provide similarities and differences about two things,
  • Process essay: it explains a certain procedure to do things systematically.
  • Narrative essay: it is similar to creative essay but the writer has to follow a specific format.
  • Expository essay: it is aimed at educating the reader about an idea or a certain topic.

Steps to take before writing.

After looking at different types of essays it is time to look at how one can write a perfect essay. Hereby are the steps to follow.

  • Picking a topic: a good topic differentiate between an exciting and dull essay. The topic is picked depending on your personal enthusiasm, the purpose of the essay and the subject the essay is based in.
  • Research on the topic in order to come up with reliable sources to use to support your claims.
  • Brainstorm ideas by using the sources to come up with your own ideas so as to avoid writing plagiarized work.
  • Put up a good thesis statement: it should be created from your own words and it acts as the heart of the

perfect essay

The outline of a perfect essay.

This includes the structure of the essay. It is divided into the following:

Introduction: The introduction differs depending on type of essay one is working on. Example when writing an informative essay you can write some basic information on the introduction.

Body paragraphs: it comes after the introduction. It provides the basic content of the essay. It also differs with the type of essay at hand.

Conclusion: it is a wrap up of the thoughts.  It also differs with the type of essay. In addition it should be good since it is the last chance to impress the reader.

After finishing up the essay proof edit it to ensure there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can also have a friend read it and correct in case they recognize a mistake. At this point you just completed writing a perfect essay. Even after reading this article you still feel you need more help in essay writing don’t hesitate to consult and you will have all the help you need.

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