Nine confused words words explained

Do you have a problem with  Nine confused words. Being a student, it doesn’t matter how smart and intelligent one is it is always possible to make embarrassing and small grammatical mistakes while writing especially using the discussed Nine confused words. At times, we might make them on purpose because some English words are almost identical but have a different meaning. Some years back I had a problem differentiating the words accept and except and other words among Nine confused words. It caused me much problem while I was in middle school. However, one day I came across an article that talked about common grammar mistakes that can destroy ones essay. It was a turning point in my grammar life. Since then I perfected my essay writing skills. I decided to help someone who may be confusing some words like I did by writing one as well. The article is meant to safe students from grammatical embarrassment in their essays by learning about Nine confused words

Where and were.

Where, is a word used in questions that are meant to stand or show a certain location. It is often confused with were making the whole sentence absurd. Example where is the library?

On the other hand, were a word that can be used as past subjunctive of be, plural past and second person singular past.

Examples, were you there when he gave the speech? Were we supposed to come back today?

Your and you’re

These two words are quiet difficult to differentiate especially during essay writing. Their difference include: your represent something that is personally yours or that which belong to you. Your car must be the latest model. Your mum came to our house yesterday.

You’re a contraction or a short form of you are. It stands for you or someone being something.

Example you’re good in public speaking. You’re a talented footballer.


Nine confused words

Then and than.

Than is a conjunction that is mainly used to make comparisons.

Example: an apple is sweet than a peach.

On the other hand, then is an adverb that is used to situate actions in time.

Example: we went to the mall then to the gym.

They’re, their and there.

The word sounds identical but they have different meanings and different spelling.

Their is a noun that shows ownership by a person or a thing.

Example: their horse is participating in the race.

They’re a contraction for they are.

Example: they’re done cleaning the attic.

There refers to a certain area or direction that someone is talking about.

Example: I was hoping he would be there when I arrived.

Peek, peak and pique.

Peak is a sharp point.

Example: some mountains always have snow at their peak.

Pique is a feeling of resentment, irritation or offence.

Example the coach calmed his team down after a moment of pique.

Peek is when one takes a quick look at something.

Example: no one is supposed to peek when we play hide and seek.

Lose and loose.

Lose is a verb meaning to keep on maintaining something or to fail to keep.

Example: I lose my watch every time I go to a party.

Loose is an adjective meaning something that is not tight.

Example: this watch is loose on my waist.

Between and among.

Between can be defined as two things which are clearly separated.

Example: between 40th and 45th street there is a short cut to kfc.

Among is used in comparison of more than two things.

Example: she emerged a winner among all her classmates.

Into and in to

Into shows movement from one point to the next.

Example: she just moved into her friend’s house.

In to can only be used as two different words.

Assure, insure and ensure.

Assure is to say something in confidence.

Example:  I can assure you I will be there by nine am

Ensure is to make things certain.

Example: ensure the cleaning was done in time.

Insure: is to protect from any risk using an insurance company.

Example: I have insured my company.

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